Experimental Dashboard Lets Some Drivers Turn Red Lights Green

Ambulances crash most often in intersections. What if they didn’t have to run the red?

A new pilot program underway in Europe is giving ambulances and other high-priority vehicles the green light. As part of the
Compass4D project, ambulances, buses, and cargo trucks will theoretically be able to turn red lights green.

Compass4D is partially funded by the European Commission, and it’s designed to reduce the number of car crashes and ease congestion on roads in the European Union. Participating drivers will have an onboard communication system–a dashboard that looks like a little iPad–linked to a local traffic control center. Through the system, they’ll receive advice on how fast they need to drive to hit green lights and where to drive to avoid accidents. And priority vehicles–ambulances, buses, and cargo trucks–will be granted green lights when they approach intersections.

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via Co.Design http://ift.tt/1DE2oiG


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