Why This Dog Makes $15,000 A Month

Meet Menswear Dog, a Shiba Inu who is, by many accounts, the most stylish dog in the world.

It’s a misty fall afternoon in Central Park, and Bodhi, a handsome, slightly-big-for-his-breed Shiba Inu, is on edge. He’s yanking around one of his two humans, Yena Kim–a petite, 27-year-old fashion designer who used to work for Ralph Lauren–bending her to his will, tensing his leash as he darts after squirrels, birds, or whatever fast-moving creature happens to enter his canine view. At one point, at the base of a jagged rock outcropping, he spins in a circle, lifts one of his hind legs, and begins to relieve himself. A serene look creeps up his face, and his eyes enter a perma-squint. Suddenly, Bodhi is chill.

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via Co.Design http://ift.tt/1w1JyB2


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