Photos: In Hong Kong, Art Can Be The Most Powerful Form Of Protest

At a time when social media has enabled us to share images across the globe in seconds, art is the quickest way to spread a protest’s message.

On a recent 10-day trip to Hong Kong, I spent much of my time embedded with students and other citizens protesting against an oppressive political system that lets China call the shots. I watched when Joshua Wong–the 18-year-old student activist who began what is now called the Umbrella Revolution–gave an impassioned speech to a 10,000-strong crowd the night Hong Kong Chief Executive Cy Leung reneged on his agreement to meet with protest leaders for talks. I watched when the police arrested and carried away protesters in Mong Kok. I watched when a man who was so distraught over the disruption the protests were causing climbed to the center arch of the Connaught Road overpass and threatened to jump. When you’re fighting for democracy, the stakes are spectacularly high on all sides.

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