The Dutch Tile That Takes Its Cues From Nature

Mosa, a Dutch ceramic tile manufacturer that traces its origins back to 1883, takes its cues directly from nature. In contrast to the high carbon footprint created by energy-exhaustive cement manufacturing, the production process of these tiles follows what’s called the “Cradle to Cradle” program, a system that draws its inspiration from concepts readily found in the environment. Mosa tiles are created from the same pure raw materials as natural stones — primarily sands and clays, with no traces of toxic ingredients — which allows their waste products to re-enter the production cycle. The brand’s wall tiles contain 22 or 25 percent pre-consumer recycled content, and floor tiles contain 21 or 45 percent. Mosa Solids As a result, the end tiles, including the newly launched Mosa Solids collection for walls and floor, take on properties of natural stone that work to an interior’s aesthetic advantage. Each tile forms its own unique texture and color variation during the mixing process, thanks to the natural movement of the different-sized minerals. Mosa Solids The natural gradations in color, which form as mineral flakes that vary from fine …  

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