A Type-face Design Firm’s Office By YellowSub Studio

A Type-face Design Firm’s Office By YellowSub Studio

When a business is creative, every aspect of that business can be driven by inspiration. For the type-face design firm Indian Type Foundry (ITF), this has extended naturally to their office space. The firm is actually one of its kind which designs fonts for the Indian languages and caters to clients like Apple, Google, Sony, etc. for their Indian language needs. And for a creative, inspiring, and beautiful space, they turned to the design team at YellowSub Studio. Working with a blank slate, YellowSub Studio was able to turn the space into a warm, colorful, open office with plenty of spaces for collaboration as well as retreat

The teal color running throughout the office is subtle and soothing, but acts in lovely contrast to the natural woods and white elements.

The open space was intentional, designed to spark interaction, collaboration, and open-ended discussions throughout the office.

The elevated library is not just a design focus, but an easy and comfortable place for informal discussions.

At the foot of the elevated space is a cozy conferencing area completely with vibrantly colored chairs.

Letters from local languages provide some excellent diversity within! For instance, the symbol on the top shelf is the letter for the sound ‘Ma’ in Malayalam, which is a language spoken in the southern part of the country.

By including creative partitions and plantings, the space gets an extra pop of color and character.

The central area with picnic-style tables is ideal for lunching but can also be a flexible work space for visiting designers or anyone with a laptop who feels like a change of scenery.

This cafeteria space is open, but its almost whimsical design, with its own unique typeface elements, makes it feel like a family gathering place rather than a formal business area.

With a small team of designers, is was easy to create a space that was very open but still allowed enough ‘elbow room’ to have a bit of privacy and sanctuary.

Even in an open office, a private conference room, with curtains that close, can come in handy, particularly when clients come to visit.

The use of cozy nooks makes collaboration more comfortable so that ideas can flow.

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