Eve Raises $2.3M To Rethink Programming

macbook While everybody in the tech industry seems to be trying to make programming easier to pick up, most of the efforts that have popped up either repackage the concepts found in existing languages or boil down the logic programmers use to the point where you don’t learn skills that are directly applicable to actual software development. Read More

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LinkedIn Flexes Its Search Engine Muscle, Adds College-Finding Tools For Students

University_Finder1 Last year, LinkedIn widened the net for potential users when it started to allow high schoolers to join its social network for professionals, and today it’s launching a clutch of features that it hopes will get them to stick around a while longer: three new tools — Decision Boards, University Outcome Rankings and University Finder — focus on college-bound students who are… Read More

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Passive School in Chotomów

This newly built school is the first stage of the Educational Centre in Chotomów. The future complex will consist of a primary school, secondary school, cultural center, and sport center. The school is a landmark for the local community. The rich program of the school combined with the idea of small detached village buildings generates the need to divide the complex into smaller units. This results in a creation of interesting inner spaces, including courtyards between units and breaks supporting natural light throughout. Classes, accommodated in separate units, have a possibility of natural isolation all throughout the day. The building combined with smaller units joined with common spaces provide character and instant identification for its users. Acquisition of public funds for energy efficient buildings let local authorities develop the new school as an energy efficient passive building. Today, it is the biggest public development in the Mazowian district, and one of the biggest in Poland, using a ground exchanger as a source for heating and cooling. The ventilation system is based on separate operating small units provided for each class. The units are equipped with carbon dioxide sensors and highly efficient recuperation for optimizing energy usage and supporting enough fresh … http://ift.tt/1mQmNNd  

Super-Sized Type Calendar Doubles As Wall Art

Super-Sized Type Calendar Doubles As Wall Art http://wp.me/p1YxDH-JsK In brutal winter months, if you wonder why you feel crappy, the calendar is there to remind you: IT’S FEBRUARY. Most wall calendars get all artsy-fartsy, with their monthly prints of famous paintings or wistful photos of sunsets, and tear-off paper calendars can get a little pedantic, whether they’re teaching a word a day or quoting the Dalai Lama. What if you just need to know what month it is? [ 76 more words. ]

How Ammunition Helped Polaroid Design An Action Cam For Everyone

How Ammunition Helped Polaroid Design An Action Cam For Everyone http://wp.me/p1YxDH-JsI The Polaroid Cube isn’t just a button cute action cam. It was designed to recommit to the ideals that made Polaroid great to begin with. For the better part of the 20th Century, peeling a snapshot out of your Polaroid instant camera was as social as photography got. But 50 years after Land invented the instant camera, Polaroid was disrupted by digital cameras. [ 47 more words. ]

Apple’s iPad Update Plans Could Put Gold First And Offer 12.9″ Model For 2015

Apple’s iPad Update Plans Could Put Gold First And Offer 12.9″ Model For 2015 http://wp.me/p1YxDH-JsC Apple’s iPad Update Plans Could Put Gold First And Offer 12.9″ Model For 2015 Apple’s iPad Update Plans Could Put Gold First And Offer 12.9″ Model For 2015 Apple could add gold to the menu for the next version of the 9.7-inch iPad Air, according to Bloomberg, and then introduce a 12.9-inch version of its tablet next year. This is in line with rumors we’ve heard from Bloomberg before, which pegged a large-screen iPad as being added to the lineup back in August.