Let’s Not Pretend This Is The First Time Frank Gehry Has Sounded Like A Jerk

98% of architecture is “shit,” the starchitect said recently. That’s far from the worst thing he has said about cities.

Frank Gehry is probably the most quotable architect working today. At 85 years old, with enough star power to blind the sun (and get Brad Pitt to show up uninvited to his parties), the architect is far beyond giving a crap what people think about him. His latest PR kerfluffle, in which he flipped off a journalist and called 98% of architectureshit,” has the architecture press aflutter.

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Clothing That Looks Normal During The Day But Reflects At Night

Imagine biking home in a suit that glowed with every passing car.

Reflective gear, like you see for running or biking, works remarkably well at night. But the problem is it looks athletic, and short of workouts, does the average person want to wear the stuff on a day-to-day basis?

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Chicago’s Soho House Has Echoes Of An Industrial Past

Housed in a former belt factory in Chicago’s West Loop, the Soho House pays homage to the neighborhood’s industrial past.

The London-born hospitality chain Soho House, a members’ only club hot with the techie crowd, has pushed into Chicago as part of its strategic plans for a global takeover. If its Windy City digs are any indication, this is a modern hotel chain that’s not afraid to make itself at home in a new city. The Soho House Chicago, opened this summer, is a modern, chic hotel that elegantly honors the industrial roots of its building (and neighborhood) with a few light touches, like retaining wooden panels and fire-safety glass from the original early 20th-century belt factory that once occupied the site.

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Fashion Guru Simon Collins On Why Beijing Is The World’s Most Exciting Design City

Beijing has design you’ll either love or hate, but “definitely cannot ignore,” the New School’s fashion dean says.

Welcome to Wanderlust, a weekly series on Co.Design where some of our favorite designers share their secret picks and insider tips for the best design cities on the planet. Today, Simon Collins, Dean of Fashion at Parsons New School for Design, tells us why he loves everything about Beijing but the air.

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L.A. Gear To Make A Comeback, Maybe

The brand behind L.A. Lights hopes to reinvent itself by teaming up with the fashionable West Coast rapper Tyga.

West Coast rapper Tyga, whose lyrics are slick with praise for luxury brands like Versace and Ferrari, is now singing a throwback tune. Earlier this week he announced that he would be collaborating on a new line of sneakers with retro brand L.A. Gear, which fell into fashion oblivion after its heyday in the ’80s and ’90s.

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Ikea’s New Desk Goes From Sitting To Standing With The Push Of A Button

Sit. Swoosh. Stand.

Anyone who’s priced a convertible desk that they can both sit and stand at knows it’s an expensive proposition that can quickly reach into four digits. If only Ikea made one in birchwood veneer…or something.

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Can A Bike Be Both Cheap And Beautiful?

The Epo hopes to bring bike manufacturing back to the Netherlands by using the same techniques car makers use to keep costs down.

You’d be hard pressed to find a more bike crazy country than the Netherlands. Not only are bicycle paths ubiquitous, but there’s more than one bicycle for every single person in the country.

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What Your Zip Code Says About You

Is your neighborhood full of laptops and lattes? Pleasantville-style domesticity? City strivers? This map will tell you.

How much can where you live say about who you are? According to a new interactive map by geographic information firm Esri, a whole hell of a lot. Esri’s “Tapestry Segmentation” database mines socioeconomic and demographic data to create a picture of who lives in each zip code–i.e., what marketers assume about you based on your particular neighborhood or city. Using Tapestry‘s 67 neighborhood classifications for socioeconomic and demographic characteristics–complete with cutesy names like “American Dreamers,” “Front Porches,” “High Rise Renters,” and “Diners and Miners”–Esri has created an interactive map of the U.S. called Zip Lookup that lets you dig deep into the stereotypical lives of residents of your zip code, along with their average and income, and the neighborhood’s density.

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Let Ideo’s Top Brass Show You How To Solve Problems Like A Designer

Ideo.org’s new Design Kit aims to teach everyone, from CEOs to activists to ministers, the principles of human-centered design.

Last month, Ideo.org–the nonprofit spinoff of global design and innovation firm Ideo–launched an online guide to the practice of human-centered design. A creative approach to problem-solving, human-centered design focuses on the needs and interests of users, and emphasizes designing with users, not for them. With Design Kit, a free web platform cataloging an array of mindsets, methods, and case studies, Ideo.org wants to make human-centered design available to everyone, from corporate leaders to community organizers to ministers to designers themselves. And it has tapped Ideo’s top brass, including CEO Tim Brown and cofounder David Kelley, to help.

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I Can’t Believe This Trippy Hologram Statue Isn’t CGI


You see this weird revolving object? It looks like a liquid-metal Terminator on bugging out on an acid trip. Your first instinct was probably to think it was CGI. But no, this is a real object.

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